Benefits of the Process

Every Intern who meets the standards of the IA will get a position. Interns will not have to go through multiple application processes, nor will they face the challenges that come when they do not get a job they applied for.

Ministries in the past that have had more applicants than positions will not have to turn away interns.

Ministries in the past that have not had any interns, but wanted one, will not have a network of potential interns to draw from.

The process is the same for everyone, so favoritism is not part of the equation.

IA Coaches will be able to talk openly about interns and be able to give them the best possible experience.

Multiple IA Coaches will connect with each intern which communicates our value of networking.

A student can fill out an application immediately online.

This increases awareness of the IA and as a result increases applications.

All IA Coaches have a voice in the process.