Q: Who is our target audience for interns? A: College students or college graduates with a call to ministry.

Q: Why an Intern Academy? A: Churches are constantly looking for quality student ministry leaders. The Intern Academy will help churches find quality student ministry leaders. Young leaders need training, experience and accountability to succeed in ministry. The Intern Academy will equip young leaders for success.

Q: Who oversees the Intern Academy? A: The Intern Academy Coaches. Intern Academy Coaches meet annually to provide direction, suggested changes and accountability.

Q: Who are the Coaches? A: The Coaches are student ministry pastors who have experience in leading interns and who are committed to the network and values of the Intern Academy and have been certified by the Intern Academy.

Q: Are the internships only for those with a call to student ministry? A: No. We believe that anyone with a calling to ministry and desiring more training can benefit from the Intern Academy experience. However, initially all IA Coaches are pastors of student ministries and so their training will be primarily in the student ministry department.

Q: How will this help churches? A: Churches will have a resource to go to now to find healthy, young leaders trained in student ministry to assist the local church. These Intern Academy graduates will have well rounded training in both their personal life and ministry experience.

Q: Where is the Intern Academy located? A: In local churches all across the United States under the supervision of a Certified Intern Academy Coach.

Q: How does the Intern Academy placement work? A: If the Intern is accepted into the Academy they will be guaranteed a position within one of the Intern Academy churches. Actual placement is determined by the Intern Academy Coaches through the interview process.

Q: How will this help people who feel a call to student ministry? A: Interns will get the best student ministry training in the country. The will be networked with the best student ministry pastors in the country and the best interns from around the country as part of the Intern Academy. They will get an intense practical experience serving in student ministry, be given holistic training, be included in a lifetime network, provided resourcing for future employment, and given encouragement and accountability throughout their ministry lifetime.

Q: Why should I go through the Intern Academy instead of another internship? A: The Intern Academy combines the wisdom of its student ministry coaches of more than 100 collective years of student ministry experience. They have spent years putting together a holistic training network to give you the best equipping for student ministry you could possibly have. You will learn, grow, develop your gifts, improve in your weaknesses and join a national network community that will be a source of support and encouragement for the duration of your ministry life.

Q: Is this only a Church of God ministry? A: The vision of the Intern Academy began with student ministry pastors from various Church of God churches. However, the dream for this is to be a kingdom minded ministry where we partner and support those with a similar vision to train The Church of God at its roots was not defined by a denomination, but rather a movement to bring followers of Christ together.

Q: What does the Intern Academy Retreat look like? A: The IA retreat is a 3 day, 2 night event. All participants for the first retreat will need to provide their own transportation to and from the retreat location. Registration, lodging and food is covered by the Intern Academy. The schedule is very loose and focuses on rest, play, spiritual retreat and corporate worship. The retreat is for all IA coaches and IA intern grads. The IA coaches will have a brief meeting during the weekend to discuss any IA business. It is an annual event that takes place at the beginning of each summer--the start of the new internships for the summer!