Cast Vision with national Church of God (COG) student ministers currently doing internships and those student ministry leaders that want to, plus Area Administrators, State Directors, and COG colleges to gain support and buy in

YNT Retreat, 2006 & 2007 (San Antonio) and 2009 (Orlando)

Connected with COG colleges

Discussed briefly at National Area Admin/State Coor. Meeting

Promoted with several Sr. Pastors

Invited Youth Pastors who train interns to be included (email/phone)

Create database of student pastors training interns Ongoing (last revision January 09) Write manual with Intro, Core Values, and Coaches Extras Completed

Pilot Intern Academy Training Summer 09 Shaner (IN), Gaylor (IN), Olson (IN), Taylor (FL), Hodges (AZ)

Bring IA Coaches together for training, vision and unity Intern Academy Retreat, Orlando, Florida, Jan 23-24, 2010

Launch Intern Academy and International IA at IA Retreat in January 2010 and launch the first official interns in summer 2010.


Special Thanks to Mark Shaner, Matt Gaylor, Tami Byrd, Chris Spitters, Chip Taylor, Christi Martinelli, Ryan Chaisson, Mike Hodges, Dr. Andy Stephenson, Todd Lovelace and Gretchen Olson for the dreaming, writing, strategizing and the implementation of the Intern Academy!