Q: How do I become an Intern Academy Intern? A: Apply online. Have a phone interview. Be accepted.

Q: Do I get paid as an intern? A: Yes, all interns in the Intern Academy get paid at least $500 a month from the local church where they serve. Each summer intern is responsible for their own food, gas, car and health insurance, entertainment, spending money, etc. Interns will not be able to have another job to supplement income. Housing will be provided with a host family. The host church will provide all ministry expenses for student ministry events.

Q: Are the Internships for men and women? A: Yes. We believe that God has called both men and women to serve in ministry. It is our desire to connect both men and women in ministry partnerships. We are also very excited to have several experienced female student ministry coaches to mentor female interns.

Q: When are the internships? This varies by location. Typically, they will be in the summer, but many locations also offer internships during the school year, as well as multi-year directorships.

Q: How many Intern Academy Internships can I do? A: Interns are encouraged to have several internship experiences before they take their first ministry assignment. That may include more than one Intern Academy Internship. Each internship, though they teach the same core values, provides a unique learning experience that will benefit the intern with experience and wisdom in their future ministry positions.

Q: Where will I live? A: Each host church will provide you with a host home. You will be joining another family, but will have your own room for privacy.

Q: How old do I have to be? A: The Intern Academy is for young leaders age 18-30. You must have finished your freshman year of college at the time the internship would begin.

Q: What about school credit? A: Yes, you can get school credit if your school gives credit for internships and this internship applies. It is the intern’s responsibility to fill out all necessary paperwork the school requires. The intern is responsible for the tuition costs.