Step 1:  Application

Any student wishing to be an Intern in the Intern Academy must complete an application online.  The application will be reviewed by IA coaches.  Applications will be due in early spring for summer internships.




Step 2:  Phone Interview

After the application is completed an IA coach will set up an interview.  If there is more than one coach on call you can use  After the phone interview the IA coach or coaches will give a brief report to the rest of the IA Coaches.  See Intern Phone Interview Questions page.


Step 3:  Assignment Placing

If it is deemed appropriate the intern is ready for an IA assignment then the intern will need to be assigned to a ministry location.   The actual placing of interns will be determined by the IA coaches.  Some of the factors will include availability at each location, relationship the IA Coach may have with the intern, IA coach’s interest in the intern, scheduling, previous experience, compatibility with other interns, matching of ministry needs and intern gifting, etc.


Step 4:  IA Lifetime Membership Fee

Once you have accepted a position with an IA Coach you will be responsible to raise $150 for your Intern Academy Internship.  This money is your lifetime membership fee to the Intern Academy network as long as you are pursuing your call to ministry.  The fee covers your lifetime costs (excluding travel) for future IA events, including the IYC gathering and the annual Intern Academy Retreat!  The fee can be raised via fundraisers, gifts, donations or private funding.