Justin Brown

 Highland Park Community Church - Casper, Wyoming

 After graduating from MACU in 2006, Justin has served in Youth Ministry in Colorado, Oklahoma, and now Wyoming.  He has a strong belief that students are capable of so much more than they are constantly told by the world around them, and encourages them to take strong steps both inside and outside the church walls.  While in college, he was able to experience three distinctly different internships at three different churches.  Now, as he serves at one of those churches, he seeks to instill many of the great learning moments from all three into those who desire to enter vocational ministry in the future.  Justin also serves as the State Youth Director for the COG in Wyoming.

In 2016 he celebrated 10 years of marriage to his beautiful wife, Sara.  Their two little girls, Keelie and Teagan, spend every day bringing laughter and excitement to life.

He enjoys long runs in the Wyoming wind, any sport he can find someone to join in, and, in total contrast to those two, doing puzzles.