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Cody Bracy

Bayside Church // Safety Harbor, FL


Cody Bracy is a Pastor of Bayside Church in Safety Harbor, FL.

He and his wife, Kristen, have a daughter (Evie) and puppy (Cooper). A former IA grad, after finishing a directorship in Florida he and Kristen moved to Phoenix, Arizona. In 2012, Cody founded Elevate Baseball Academy, which focuses on building skill, faith, and character through athletics. 

In 2015 Cody and Kristen, along with Michael and Christy Fay, planted a church in the neighborhood of Arcadia in Phoenix. The church seeks to serve and bring God's restoration to the community. Cody is passionate about coaching students to recognize their full potential, mentoring leaders of the next generation, and engaging his community in worship. Cody loves sports, music, movies, fishing, and eating good food.